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The condominium is dark and Demetre’s eyes glow in candlelight. “I have something to read you, beloved.” Amy smiles and turns toward him, folding her napkin on the table. Demetre sits across from Amy at the candle-dressed dining table, their cuisine finished. The red wine is all gone.

“A poem by me,” Demetre says. “About a man talking about a bird who is really his lover.”

Demetre clears his throat and Amy smiles.

“I can’t stand the waiting, the in-between times. I’m like a bird lost in the cloudbanks, spiraling up when she thinks she’s headed down. Until the downward spiral pulls her in and she’s out of control. Although she flaps her dainty, hollow-boned wings, feathers flutter high above her head as the wind rushes past. The downdraft sucks her down into evermore, which stirkes the hardened pavement of tomorrow’s news.”

“What made you write that?” she asks. He turns toward her, a black bladed weapon in his hand. “What are you doing, Demetre?”

“Putting you to rest, my hollow-boned bird… forevermore.”

Outside the condo, a flock of pigeons take flight simultaneously. On the sidewalk below, a child runs through feathers of Demetre’s freedom raining down. There is laughter in murder.