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What have we (my dynamic team of editors, artists and publishing gurus) accomplished in the last year at Liquid Imaginaton Online? For starters, for November our website received 72,404 total internet hits. We began a marketing program to promote New York Times Bestselling author David Farland’s newsletter for writers. I, personally, graduated college with an associates degree in journalism to be applied to marketing, and I also obtained the National English Honor Society’s Sigma Kappa Delta. Besides that, the fruit of a novel-seed I planted a ways back will be published through Dopamalovi Books.

We also published a werewolf anthology in several different formats for your convenience. You can hear the wolf howling here:

Below are the stats of Liquid Imagination Online ( The stats can be found here: Within the pages of LI, you may glimpse something beautiful, you may get a whiff of magic. That’s because dreams are sealed within each webpage, like the dreams within your own heart. We, at LI, believe we can fly. We believe in the magic of stories and poetry and artwork. We embrace technology in all its forms. And while many other webzines, ezines, publications and print journals are folding, Liquid Imagination will be around for a long time.

This is the future! This is 2012! And we represent what you’re reading!

Never forget: we’re all in this together!


Monthly Statistics for November 2011
Total Hits 72404
Total Files 39976
Total Pages 14656
Total Visits 6285
Total KBytes 1148240
Total Unique Sites 4477
Total Unique URLs 1879
Total Unique Referrers 1169
Total Unique User Agents 1221
. Avg Max
Hits per Hour 107 2538
Hits per Day 2585 6571
Files per Day 1427 3525
Pages per Day 523 961
Sites per Day 159 485
Visits per Day 224 283
KBytes per Day 41009 109470

It’s called convergence media. Pass it on!

Liquid Imagination

The story is called Wholly Matrimony by Kenton Yee. The voice talent is none other than the fabulous Robert Eccles, a talented horror writer in his own right. Sue Babcock, business director of Liquid Imagination, converged the media.


WOO-HOO!! Issue No. 9 is here! This could not happen without the talent of Kevin Wallis, Sue Babcock, AJ Brown (blog post), Dare Kent, Jack Rogers, Brandon Rucker, Robert Eccles, Jezzy Wolfe and Stephen W. Roberts! A HUGE thanks to all of our contributors!

Liquid Imagination No. 9!

This is not another writer’s blog; this is YOUR blog. Welcome! Didn’t think you owned another blog, did you?

This blog will showcase YIPPIES from all publishers and writers. If you’ve published something, shout it out here. If you’ve gotten a short story, poem, artwork or novel published… this is da’ place. This blog will be about my writing, of course. It will be about Liquid Imagination Online of which I’m the publisher. But it’s also going to be about the writers and poets I wish to brag about. There will be a page for your YIPPIES. There will be a page for online fiction that I love. There will be a page for Liquid Imagination Online (my online magazine), and there will be a page for Liquid Imagination Magazine (my print magazine coming out).

But now let’s talk about you. Who are you? What makes your writing different? Not a writer? Then as a reader you will have special precedence among these web pages, because it’s all about your entertainment, and your opinion matters more than anybody’s.

Kick off your shoes. Pull up a chair. Tell me about yourself. And make yourself at home. Oh, and be kind because this blog is still under construction.

My name is John “JAM” Arthur Miller, and now it’s our turn. Who are you? 🙂