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10 words per day is the price of admission What is it? Join Liquid Imagination’s private web office. Writers and editors gather to chat and write, to workshop and edit. The price of admission is just 10 words per day, written by you. If you only show up once per month, then when you log into the site all you have to do is post 10 creative words of prose or poetry. How much you write beyond the 10 words is up to you.

You should join to jumpstart your writing, each and every day. You should join if you’re a writer who wants to network with other writers. You should join if you’re an editor who wants to network with other editors. Over 370 writers, editors, poets and artists belong to this private office. Members have contributed work to a wide-range of publications from “Necrotic Tissue” to “GUD Magazine.” A lesser number of members edit a wide-range of publications.

Simply log on to American Zoetrope and sign up. It’s free. American Zoetrope is a website created by Francis Ford Coppola (Godfather fame) for directors and producers to work in an interactive online community. It’s also used by writers of script and fiction. They have open boards to post stories and poems, as well as open boards to post artwork and music. Everything from writing flash fiction to novellas entices you to get involved. Once you join, look up “John Arthur Miller” and request an invite to my private web office called “Liquid Imagination.” Then begin to network with writers and editors, and be prepared to pay the price of admission: 10 words per day.

Let your creativity flow at Liquid Imaginatoin’s private web office (weblink won’t work until you’ve joined American Zoetrope) located at American Zoetrope.