READERS Page (we bow down to you)

Here Readers (capitalized) get to share their favorite novels, series or movies. They have free reign here and get to discuss their favorite poets and writers.

  1. paul says:

    JAM: what happened to Novus Creatura? Are you not associated with it anymore? What’s the deal with all this? thanks, paul

    • JAM says:

      Paul, when Lame Goat’s publisher disappeared, I couldn’t let Novus Creatura fall. My own publishing company had its plate full with various projects that haven’t even been announced yet. It was going to die.

      I contacted Michael Pennington of Aurorawolf, having watched him enter the scene as a writer then as a publisher. He’s already a successful businessman. I asked if Auroawolf would take over Novus Creatura Anthology where Lame Goat had dropped away. Michael said yes and they began copy-editing.

      Michael’s Aurorawolf will publish the anthology. My work with Novus Creatura is finished. I’ll be promoting Novus Creatura through Liquid Imagination Online (my ezine) and through this blog, as well as through my Facebook site, to help make it successful.

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