About all this… “JAM” stuff.

The acronym of J.ohn A.rthur M.iller is JAM. At work a fellow employee noticed my initials on a bill of lading. He began calling me JAM and the nickname stuck.

I have 3 children who live with me. They rock. They absolutely rock!

I have somewhere around 70 publishing credits for short story/novella. I need to keep better track. Most recent are at Necrotic Tissue and Lady Luck Publishing.

I am the publisher of Liquid Imagination Online. At the end of its first year it received 300,000 internet hits. At the end of its 2nd year it was listed in the appendix of Dzanc Books’ “The Best of the Web.”

Recently, we received a 4-year distribution contract from Ingram Periodicals, Inc., the largest North American distributors of magazines. The contract was for 4 years but we backed out due to unforseen business reasons involving contracts. We (Liquid Imagination Magazine) will approach Ingram Periodicals, Inc. again, but only after we have three full magazine issues completely finished and finalized with all contracts completed, signed and returned. We expect to contact Ingram again in a year. We will have our printer ready for a print-run of 2,000-3,000 copies (starting out).

There’s nothing else to talk about. I can be pretty boring. So let’s talk about you. What you read, what you write.


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