Dangerous Dreams!!!

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s all wrong. Everything you’ve thought about selling books: all wrong.


I’ve been researching the best way for NO-NAMES like us to sell books. I have answers. We’ll see if they hold up. My research has led me into researching Google, Adwords, Google Analytics and other things.


I won’t be sharing this information publically or even in this office. Because I want to try it out with Liquid Imagination first. Can’t blame me there, can you.


Everything we’ve been taught about writing is wrong. Just look up quotes from well-respected writers.


Everything you know about the universe is wrong. But you’d have to read the book I just wrote for NanoWrite to figure that out. And that won’t be edited for months.


Everything you’ve ever believed about Zoetrope is a lie. Just look around. It’s dead. Everyone here is a ghost living in a ghost town. Their souls reside at Facebook and Twitter.


The future is unfolding before our very eyes. You can’t stop it. You’ll see major publishers dwindling, the power going to the people. In the past all power was controlled by the CEOs of major organizations. In the future, this power will belong to the BOP (Bottom of the Pyramid).


The pyramid I’m referring to is where one powerful CEO rules at the uppermost point, and the little people are at the bottom.


In the future, this pyramid will be turned upside-down, with the BOP ruling all. Just look at how the BOP created uprisings and revolutions in the Middle East. Just look at the Occupy movement going on in America now.


Did you see the movie Gandhi?


Did you see the movie Field of Dreams?


Do you look in the mirror and see the future? Because you are. The future, I mean.

  1. debs says:

    Can’t wait until you’re ready to share, Jam.

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