Cars and Clothes and Streaking Naked down the Freeway

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

The transmission went out in my car last week. Without the cash to fix it, I’ve been driving Mom’s car (thanks, Mom!). Now that her car is in the automotive shop during America’s heat wave due to a broken air conditioner (of course) and another problem, I’m stranded like a little boy. And it’s hard to remember that I can’t drive now. You see, my car is like my underwear; I just assume it’s there, lol! I asked the kids this morning if they wanted me to drive them to school, or if they wanted to walk. Leo asked how I would drive them without a car.

You can tell I’m an American, because I feel naked without my car. It’s like my second skin of metal, plastic and leather blessed with 6 cylinders of automotive power. It creates my own personal space. I have the ability to escape into my car. While there, no one can invade my personal space of automotive power. I join other deities along life’s freeway of pain and loss and life and gain, rolling the dice and our wheels until our second-skins propels us with Olympic power to where we’re going, sometimes to destinations unknown.

Sometimes we lose our second-skins, our automotive clothing, and we have to run naked, streaking down the freeway of life (metaphorically speaking).


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