The Dreaded Shortlisted Curse

Posted: August 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yes, it’s true: my story has been shortlisted for the Night Terrors II
anthology. I know of VERY few writers who have been shortlisted and THEN
made it through at ANY publication. So I kinda’ think of this as being
the shortlist curse, lol!

Here’s the (cursed) email (and I mean that goodnaturedly, because I’m honored just to be  shortlisted):

John Arthur Miller,

Thank you for your giving us  the opportunity to read Twenty Strait Razors.
At this time we wanted to  inform you that your submission has been
shortlisted for the Night Terrors II  anthology. We had an overwhelming
response to this call and with nearly 500 entrants, we are still reading
initial submissions at this time; we won’t make final decisions until all
subs have been read. We will hopefully have a response for you by early
September. Thank you for your patience in the process. Questions, please
contact us.

Joe Spagnola &
the Blood Bound Staff
Follow our updates

So… please don’t wish me luck. I don’t want to get my hopes up in any way, shape or form, lol! I’ll just be happy to say, “Yeah, once I was shortlisted at Blood Bound Staff for their 2nd Night Terrors anthology.” 🙂


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