This is directly from Dean Koontz’s Dark Rivers of the Heart. In all honesty, I hate that title. The book should be called The Red Door.

I just wanted to share this. Here is the quote:


Through he looked into her eyes, Spencer seemed to be gazing at someone or something far away, and he was speaking in a rush of words, more to himself than to her: “It’s a chain, iron chain, it runs through me, through my brain, my heart, through my guts, a chain, no way to get loose, no escape.”

He was scaring her. She hadn’t thought that she could be scared anymore, at least not easily, certainly not with mere words. But he was scaring her witless.


What do you think? The part in italics, I love. What he does with Spencer, his main character, is have him sleep, and while sleeping he dreams about some atrocious event in his past when he was fourteen years old, an event that is to terrible he can’t remember. Through his dreams – which entertwine with events in the present, as his past creeps up to cement itself in his present -Spencer is beginning to remember. When he dreams, Koontz writes in present-tense (italics). So as the main character is speaking in italics above, it makes the reader realize he’s speaking about his nightmares, bringing them forth. In this scene, he’s been injured, and he’s fading in and out of consciousness.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it.


Is there a scene you’d like to share from a novelist? A favorite scene or paragraph? Go fetch your book and look it up, and type it in the comments below. List the author’s name. I’m interested in what is meaningful to you guys in the way of literature. Doesn’t have to be your favorite author (Koontz isn’t my favorite, but I highly respect him); it may just be something that sticks out or impresses you from ANY novel.


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