Three Questions with Robert Eccles

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Robert Eccles is the “VOICE” behind all the great fiction at Liquid Imagination Online, but he’s so much more than voice talent. Robert’s expertise not only encompasses his “radio voice” (which is also his income), but I began calling him “Mr. Necrotic Tissue” a while back, in a good natured manner, in honor of his achievements. You see, Necrotic Tissue is one of my favorite print magazine of dark fiction. It absolutely rocks! Among other things, it publishes entire stories told in exactly 100-words. Robert was getting into Necrotic Tissue’s micro-fiction department often. I think his micro-fiction was published 3 issues in a row.

Beyond the “voice,” beyond the nickname, Robert Eccles continues to write his brand of hard-hitting fiction with an noir voice. When he writes humor, his pieces produce belly laughs. When he decides to thrill you with horror, Robert’s uses words like finely chosen nails, words which he hammers into the reader’s mind. Sometimes it reminds me of the kind of hard-boiled fiction that made Mickey Spillane so popular, and at other times it’s a punch to the gut. Direct and potent, Robert asks no quarter in his stories, nor does he offer apologies—those who read his work will understand. Robert’s fiction makes you either cry from laughing so hard, or it pulls at the primordial strands within your gut and fills you with unease. When reading one of his horror stories at night, you’ll feel compelled to check the door to make sure it’s locked, and check the kids to make sure they’re okay. His hard-hitting fiction contains THAT kind of primordial, raw fear.

Now for Three Questions with Robert Eccles:

1)     Robert, you write micro-fiction, flash and short stories. What is your favorite type of fiction to write? What is the most published type of fiction you’ve written? And what about a novel?

I think I like coming up with a good short story the best. Micro and flash fiction pose their own unique challenges, which makes them a lot of fun for me. But if I can put together a story in two- or three-thousand words that really hits home, that gives me the most satisfaction. “Virtual Memory,” the story accepted for the Static Movement anthology “Local Heroes”, is one of those stories. As for what I’ve published the most, without question it’s flash fiction. I’ve had lots of stories in the 500-1,000 word range published online and in anthologies. But there’s definitely a special place in my heart for the 100-word bites I’ve had published with Necrotic Tissue Magazine. Since they pay for those stories at “pro rates”, and since I’ve had quite a few of them published (five so far and a couple more accepted), they’re special to me.

I would like to write a novel someday, but I’m not sure I have the patience for that. My immediate goal would be to have a collection of my short stories published. But if I do write a novel, I’ll have you write the description for the back cover based on the glowing introduction you wrote for this interview.

2)     You work as an anchorman. Is this in radio? And didn’t you just act as “voice talent” for Pseudopod?

I’m a news reporter and anchor at a public radio station in southeast Michigan. I’ve been in the radio business since 1985. When I first got into radio it was as a DJ. Then folks kept telling me I had a good news voice. Enough people tell you that, and you start to think they may be right. So I moved into news in 1991 and have been doing that ever since. I have had the opportunity to narrate some wonderful stories on the side for Liquid Imagination, of course, and for a few folks who put out podcasts. I’ve done a couple now for Pseudopod, one each for PodCastle and Transmissions from Beyond, a couple for Barry J. Northern’s Cast Macabre and a few for Every Day Fiction. I’m also providing a voice for a multiple-voice production of a story for Cast Macabre, which should be interesting.

3)     What do you consider your strongest point in writing?

I’d say humorous horror. Not everything I write is funny, of course. Some of it is very dark. But I’m decent at writing the funnier stuff, I think. As for lengths, I’d say those 100-word bites are my strong suit. They tend to be humorous, too.

Before I provide a few links to Robert’s wonderful fiction, I’d like to say to him, “Yes, I would love to write on the back of any novel/anthology you put out.”

Robert’s work appears here at these fine publications:

Flashes in the Dark 
Tiny Terrors 


Read ‘em and love ‘em!

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  2. Debs says:

    Thank you guys, great interview.

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