Ingram Periodicals Inc (IPI) offered Liquid Imagination Magazine a 4 year distribution contract that we had to let go. But that’s in the past. In the future, we will approach IPI again. We will bring to the table the same exact product style as before, the same high-quality art and the same high-quality stories copy-edited by numerous editors (what enticed IPI the first time). Our first issue of the print Liquid Imagination Magazine will be Dreams and Screams

While we’re offering Dreams and Screams now as a POD through Lulu for for a limited time only, Dreams and Screams will become the first issue of Liquid Imagination Magazine, a product that will be nationally distributed.

This is a sneak preview for our friends, for the fans of our contributors (which are many), and it’s for a limited time only. Within these pages are the best prevously published fiction, as well as the best NEW fiction, from four different publishers (Silver Blade, House of Horror, Aurorawolf, and Liquid Imagination). Dreams and Screams promises to deliver the best fantasy (dreams) and the best horror (screams) from these four hot publishers.

Brandon Rucker’s poetry sets the mood for this entire collection, and the pace is fast and furious. We believe our dreams will scream into your mind through the pages within. The work of each contributor lives and breathes, and it wants to live and breathe inside you.

Open your mind to Dreams and Screams.

dreams_and_screamsOFFICIALCOVER.jpg picture by Liquid_Imagination

Also, look for these other hot anthologies from two of the publishers involved in this product! These will be available soon!

Novus Creatura is put by Aurorawolf!

Stitched Up is put out by House of Horror!

  1. I love the cover for DREAMS AND SCREAMS. It reminds me of my childhood when I’d buy the little half-sized books of horror stories that would keep me up late at night — first reading and then afraid to go to sleep. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of it all.

  2. JAM says:

    I think I speak for everyone at Liquid Imagination when I say we all thoroughly enjoyed your story! Thanks so much for submitting it to Liquid Imagination in the first place! 🙂

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