The cover Mark Crittenden created for the Howl Anthology is up for a Covey Award!! YIPPIE!!!!


And YOU can vote!

Regardless whether or not you have a story in this anthology as I do, simply scroll down the page at the Covey Award, check out ALL the awesome covers, then vote.

According to their rules:

Polling will close midnight August 14th.

Please vote in our Public poll – Most Eye-Catching Cover. This is the Cover that would make you stop and pick up the novel for a closer look.

The poll is located at the top of the site on the left hand side.

I honestly believe that cover that Mark created POPS and I am voting for it! I hope you do, too!

Vote for Howl!!!

  1. Linda says:

    There are a lot of cool covers over there, but ‘Howl’ is definitely the most eye-catching. Howl got my vote~

  2. JAM says:

    Sweet, Linda! That cover got my vote, too. WOO-HOO!!!!

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