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Read an excerpt from Mark Wolf’s “Face Your Fears” appearing in “Inner Fears” Anthology, edited by William Wolford and Published by Chris Bartholomew’s Static Movement!


Biography: Mark lives in a tiny shack on the slopes of Mauna Loa, on the Big Island of Hawaii, and writes stories inspired by the fires of creation bubbling beneath him. In his other incarnations he has snared pigs, built houses, worked oversees as a missionary, fought forest fires and built wilderness trails.
His published work has appeared at: 69 Flavors of Paranoia, Aurora Wolf, a First Place finish in Liquid Imagination’s Beginner Writers Contest (Issue #5), Eclectic Flash Literary Journal, and most recently in Library of the Living Dead’s “Letters From the Dead Anthology”.

He is on Facebook as Mark Keigley.

An excerpt from Mark Wolf’s story: “Face Your Fears”.

Face Your Fears
by Mark Wolf

Face your fears…

His mother’s admonition lingered in Stannis Staemor’s ears after she changed and flew from their cave home to the skies above it.

Outside, the howls of werewolves echoed from sparsely forested canyon walls. Stannis shuddered. Hairy, yellow-eyed, ravenous beasts. Hunting for something to eat. Hunting him.

Stannis paused at the cave mouth and regarded his reflection in a burnished shield, a trophy from an unfortunate knight-errant who had unwisely took it upon himself to seek out his mother.

A white shock of hair crowned a ruggedly handsome face. Red pupils peered back out of albino skin.

Freak, they call me. Monster, demon, foul spawn of the Dark One, Sleknord. Yet for all that, they gladly pay me their coppers for any heavy labor they need done.
Face your fears, Stannis…

Mother had actually stretched on tiptoe to kiss him on the cheek after her parting words. When did I grow taller than she?The werewolf pack drew closer. Stannis heard the individual bays and snarls as the pack fought amongst themselves, vying to be first to savor Stannis’s warm flesh. Stannis smelled their musky feral odor in the up canyon winds.

Inner Fears was published by Chris Bartholomew, owner of Static Movement!

 Note: I hope to include more excerpts from this outstanding anthology in order to promote it.

  1. Linda says:

    What a story start! Mark’s work always amazes me. This looks like more cool critters are slinking out of his closet with an equally captivating story following closely on their tails. Wow!

  2. JAM says:

    I agree, Linda. His writing continues to improve and he removes all clutter not associated with plot and/or character, a real plot-driven writer of awesome stories. YIPPIE!!

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